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The Men's Health Little Book Of Exercises

RRP $35.99

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Based on the wildly-successful Men's Health Big Book of Exercises, this portable handbook offers readers step-by-step instructions (complete with colour photos) on how to perfectly execute the best fat-torching, muscle-building exercises known to man. This essential workout guide is for anyone who wants to lose weight fast and build a better body. And now it's more useful than ever before!

Complete with fast, effective workouts for home use or to take to the gym, this easy-to-tote packages gives readers access to their favourite routines wherever they go. The guidebook details "main moves" for targeting each major muscle group and then shows readers how to perform variations of each exercise that make the moves more challenging and effective. Arrowed captions identify key tips and performance pointers while sidebars and boxes offer extras likes these highlights: The best core exercises to score a sculped six pack

  • Body-weight workouts that can be done anywhere
  • Surpising foods that build muscle
  • Super snacks for a lean body and the biggest nutrition myths, busted
  • Plus tips that help readers improve their bench press and vertical jump and add inches to their arms

About the Author

Adam Campbell is the fitness director for Men's Health. He is a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning coach. He lives in Allentown, PA.


RRP $18.99

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Discover how to keep fit and have a SEXY body!!


It's a scary word for many of us.

For some, it conjures up unpleasant memories of under achieving embarrassment during those excruciating PE sessions that we've spent years trying to erase from our minds.

It is associated with pain, fatigue, exhaustion and all kinds of other unpleasantness.

And it has always been something we sucked at.

Imagine though if exercise was different. Imagine if it was something that you looked forward to. Imagine if it was your special time to maintain, shape and create the type of body and mind that you know you deserve to live inside of. Imagine if exercise was the vehicle to a new, enhanced, more vibrant, self fulfilled version of yourself.

You don't have to imagine because exercise is precisely that. It always has been. The problem has been that too few people have had the key to unlocking the door to exercise fulfillment.

This book will provide you with that key.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • Reasons to exercise

  • Common misconceptions about exercise, weight loss and getting in shape.

  • Five steps to achieving your goals

  • How to defeat procrastination

  • Essentials for setting up a portable home gym

  • Learn a range of workouts to do at home and the gym

  • The ten commandments of weight training

  • How to maintain the momentum

Get Your Copy and Start Losing Weight Today!

Exercises In Meteorology

RRP $255.99

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Highly flexible in format, this basic exercise manual is designed for a wide range of uses, offering balanced coverage of traditional topics and a great variety of practical exercises that vary in rigor and emphasize the use of real data. Supportive text and finely focused study questions are included to both help readers "discover" the meaning and significance of conditions from actual weather/atmospheric data, and to reinforce basic concepts and interrelationships among topics. Discusses traditional topics such as the atmosphere, Earth-sun relationships, solar radiation, climate and climatic analysis, etc. Topics place great emphasis throughout on working with real data. Gives special treatment to the weather map as a basic tool.


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